Milena Maric – The Wife of the Genius and the Genius herself

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3 Responses

  1. 11oliviax says:

    Such a tragic story. I didn’t know Einstein had a dark side, he sure did not treat his first wife good, and she was the mother of his children. He might be the biggest mind of modern world, but he was a bad husband and father. 🙁

  2. SiwaAswan says:

    there is an assumption that she wrote the theory of relativity, but I highly doubt it. she was a genius, and probably albert was afraid of her mind, that is why she had no serious career as a physicist, but he was a genius too. she did have huge role in his work, and the theory, unfortunately she was uncredited for it but I think it was his idea. he was a bad father, bad husband, bad friend, bad lover, but great mind. :/

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